Reach No More 

Front Seat




Drive Safely 

The KangaRing cell phone was created to keep you from reaching to the back seat or the floor to grab your phone. It was invented and introduced before distracted driving became the problem it is today. There are millions of cars on the road with an accessory outlet located conveniently to hold your phone near when you drive and also keep it safely stowed away.   

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Your Phone is Within Reach and Safely Put Away

Cell Phone Holder

How it Works

Phone Fits In The Pouch

Phone fits easily into the pouch and  is safely stowed away and yet easy to reach.  Universal style fits most phones. 

The Charger Plug 

The charger plug fits through the ring and then into the accessory outlet.  Each holder has an attached ring that holds the pouch in place in the car.

Accessory Outlet

Outlets are located on the passenger side of the console, the driver side of the console, or on the dashboard — always within easy reach of the driver.  

Customer Testimonials

Chris B.

“There is a saying in the product development world that says “keep it simple” and this is one of the simplest, easiest to use products for in car organization I’ve seen!”

Betsy O.

“I have a kangaring and it works! My phone stays put, and I’m alive to tell about it!!”

Cindy S. 

“Remember when we had the Kangaring at the carwash..we sold the heck out of them…..”

Linda L 

“I love these cell phone holders! Spread the word! Especially the Eiffel Tower pattern!”